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The Nescot 9

The Nescot 9
by Administrative User - Wednesday, 1 July 2015, 5:22 PM

Following up on a reported Hate crime last week we would like to remind all our students that they are expected to adhere to the Nescot 9.

The Nescot 9 is a list of rights and responsibilities which were created by our students for our students, and should be remembered by all.

The 9 are:

Mutual Respect
Treat each other fairly, equally and with mutual respect

Wear your ID, stay safe
Take responsibility for keeping the college, yourself and each other safe by wearing your ID at all times

No harassment or discrimination
Any form of discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated in this college

Be responsible
Take responsibility for your own learning

Be on time
Take responsibility of attending all college activities on time.

Meet deadline
All work to be completed on time

Switch off mobiles
Mobile phones to be switched off in learning environments

Tell us if you can't attend
Notify the college as soon as possible if you are able to attend

Excellent teaching and learner success