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Gr8 Read @ Nescot Challenge

Gr8 Read @ Nescot Challenge
by Administrative User - Friday, 12 June 2015, 11:57 AM

Congratulations to the following staff and students who have participated in this year’s Gr8Reads @ Nescot Challenge. Certificates can be collected from the LRC Welcome or Help Desk.

Stephanie Airy
Alison Treherne
Camilla Andrew
Leah Unwin
Molly Cole
Sharon Vimalendran
Robbie Coton
Danielle Walker
Emma Dean
Linzi White
Lois Finnan
Josie Hayward
Diane Hughes
Ellie Irvine

Amber Kirby
Alix King
Jeffrey Lane
Jessica Alice McBride
Kyla Laughton
Alex Marshall
Teegan Morgan
Jasmine Pattwell
Grazielle Pedro
Philip Ramsey
Josh Spooner
Hayley Stevenson
Barbara Tanner