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Misuse of Snapchat to Sext and Cyberbully

Misuse of Snapchat to Sext and Cyberbully
by Administrative User - Monday, 2 February 2015, 11:39 AM

Misuse of Snapchat to Sext and Cyberbully

What is Snapchat?

It is an app that allows users to text picture messages to friends that disappear from the phone in 7 to 10 seconds after the message is open.

While some people may send harmless pictures of themselves being goofy, others are using the app for other reasons. For example, sending bullying messages and pictures to deliberately upset someone

What can you do if you receive unwanted messages?
Go into the app and reset the privacy setting and report inappropriate content directly to SnapChat by follow the instructions below:
1. Settings
2. Who can see my snaps ..(change from everyone to friends )
3. View my story ...(change from everyone to friends)
To report inappropriate content
1. Support
1. Abuse and Safety
2. Report inappropriate content
3. Fill out form to report

Let the Safeguarding team know!