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LRC News
by Administrative User - Monday, 5 January 2015, 2:14 PM

LRC News

The LRC will be closed from 12.30pm on Friday 12th December until 8.30am on Monday 5th January.

You may borrow 2 extra books for the vacation.Before you leave college for the 3 week break, why not borrow a book to read from the LRC.

If you send us a message to tell us about any books you read, we will give you a point towards a free drink in Starbucks in the New Year – 4 points = 1 drink. We will also enter you into a prize draw for a £10 Amazon voucher if you hand in your review by Friday 9th January.

Make you New Year Resolution for 2015 now - Join the Gr8 Reads @ Nescot Challenge!

Merry Christmas from the LRC