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Changes to TurnitinUK

Changes to TurnitinUK
by Administrative User - Wednesday, 3 September 2014, 8:58 AM

Changes to TurnitinUK

At the request of TurnitinUK we have upgraded our submission plugin. This has resulted in some changes to its look and feel. New guides will be available shortly, but please find below the details of two important changes:

  • When submitting for the first time since these changes were made, you may receive the following message: "You must accept the latest Turnitin User Agreement before you can make a submission. Please click here to read and accept the Agreement." Please follow the link to accept the User Agreement, so that your submission can be processed by TurnitinUK.
  • Although you will still receive your score as a percentage, the word "Similarity" does not appear. Instead click on the score itself to open up your full originality report.

ILT Team